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Packit Packaging Solutions is the number one packaging supplier in cape town and Johannesburg. We have been suppliers of packaging materials since 1972. Providing quality packaging supplies at affordable prices. Browse through our extensive range of packaging supplies online and enquire with us today!

If you are having trouble locating any specific product please feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help you, Enquire with us today!



Hygiene Products-大发888最新官网客户端

packaging suppliers

大发888最新官网客户端Hygiene is a set of practices performed for the preservation of health.

Catering Supplies-大发888最新官网客户端

packaging products online

We offer a wide range of catering supplies that will fill all your needs.

Services, Repairs & Spares-大发888最新官网客户端

packaging supplies online

We do repairs on all machines sold by Packit.

Cardboard Packaging-大发888最新官网客户端

Packaging Supplies Online

At Packit we are famous for our cardboard boxes.

Paper Packaging-大发888最新官网客户端

packaging products

大发888最新官网客户端Packit Packaging offers a variety of paper products including brown paper.

Packaging Machinery-大发888最新官网客户端

Packaging Supplies South Africa

We offer a wide variety of Packaging Machines to suit your every need.

Food Packaging-大发888最新官网客户端

packaging supplies website

Foodwrap from 300mm to 500mm wide and 1400m long.


strapping products

大发888最新官网客户端Strapping is safe and secure for boxes and pallets.

Plastic Packaging-大发888最新官网客户端

packaging website

大发888最新官网客户端Plastics offers versatile packaging for products of any length.

Rubber Bands-大发888最新官网客户端

packaging products online

Packit now imports all sizes of rubber bands in large quantities.

Tape & Dispensers-大发888最新官网客户端

online packaging

Tape dispensers save time and effort when sealing and assembling boxes.

Protective Packaging-大发888最新官网客户端

online packaging supplies

Bubble wrap and other protective packaging!

Vacuum Packers-大发888最新官网客户端

packaging products

We offer a wide variety of vacuum packers.

Continuous Band Sealers-大发888最新官网客户端

sealing machines

Horizontal or Vertical sealing machines

Automatic Machines-大发888最新官网客户端

automac elixa

大发888最新官网客户端See brochure of Elixa XP14 See brochure of Elixa ZX.


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